Uncertainty in practice

My mind is easily distracted when uncertainty is at play.

I place the words ‘Creative — Research — Methods’ on a page and question what they mean. They are perplexing. They are commonly used and misused. They hold surface meaning, deep meaning and can be contextually nuanced. My mind wonders before I can catch it, and begins to contemplate how a satirical text message can easily be misinterpreted because it isn’t accompanied by visual cues, eg. body language and tone of voice.

My lack of confidence in knowing what precisely constitutes a ‘Creative Research Method’ leads me to see what others have to say. Maybe it is safest to say what has been said before. I could easily list the methods in Carole Gray’s book Visualizing Research: A Guide to the Research Process in Art and Design — but this wouldn’t be an accurate representation of my mixed method approach. Repackaging Gray’s list would in some respects answer the brief, but for me, it is more interesting to use practice to explore alternatives ways of knowing. So, I decide to show and tell A story about the Blind Spot presentation not knowing where it will lead.

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