A formula of sorts (Co + Re + Un = In)

The first prefix is ‘Co’ which is to go about things in that way that is joint; mutual, common, together. It’s to cultivate a practice that sits within the community and in relation to community, in collaboration with others and in a way that’s open to continual change. Adding ‘co’ is essentially adding a layer of uncertainty.

Learning together
Codetermination / Co-design / Collaboration / Community / Coeducation /Coauthor / Coexist / Cooperate / Cohost / Coordinate

The second prefix is ‘Re’ to go about things once more, afresh, anew. Re can be about returning to a previous state or doing something in return or opposition. Re is about what comes behind or after. ‘Re’ will be used as a method to capture what might have been missed or forgotten in the moment. Moments of particular significance such as supervision meetings, post milestone discussions are of particular importance because processing what is said in the moment can be difficult. The act of returning to these moments provides the opportunity to relisten, transcribe, read, pause and critique what I or others said. Some instances will require me to delve even deeper such as transcribing audio and then summarising the conversation. By way of checking my understanding for accuracy the text  would be shared back in a form that could be altered. This means collectively we decide when to temporarily fix the record.

Revisiting what is fixed
Revisit Record / Relisten / Rewatch / Replay / Retest / Reshape / Reshare Recalibrate / Return / Review / Refine / Reactivate / Reaccustom / Revert / Restore / Reacquaint / Remain / Reexamine / Reenter / Reenact / Recover Reduce / Reuse / Repair

The third prefix is ‘Un’ which is to denote the absence of a quality or state or the reverse of something.  

Visiting the future
Uncertainty / Undisciplined / Unknown / Unlearn / Unacademic  / Unselfish / Unrepeatable / Unfocussed

The final is the preposition of ‘In’ which expresses the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed, or surrounded by something else or an expression of a period of time during which an event, or happens or expressing the length of time before a future event is expected to happen.

Innovate / Include / Inclusive / Inbetween / Insitu / InVitro / InVivo / Ingredients Instructions / Interface / Intelligence

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