Search Before Research

The first stage of the research is framed around the idea of ‘search before research’. Josef Albers, a teacher, artist, designer and researcher also used these terms to describe his practice. For Albers, this was a way of saying he preferred carefully constructing direct experiences to gathering facts from others.’ (Zender 2016). So far the research has followed a similar path — this has meant I’ve engaged with activities that align with my plan to follow curiosity. An inquisitive disposition has led me down various paths, taken me on detours and without doubt influenced what comes next. However, believing that all things are relational means that through everyday activities and dedicated study I’m learning my way towards/with/through the PhD. This approach gives merit to the incidental learning that occurs through living. This has resulted in my ongoing participation in projects that are personal, professional and participatory.

Belonging, Being and Becoming

‘Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who we are and who we can become’.

Belonging, Being and Becoming are central to the Australian Governments framework established for the early years of learning. I’d go as far to say that these themes are central to all learning — they can help one to situate themselves within a context,  bring perspective and remind us that learning isn’t necessarily easy.