Our world is changing rapidly and each of us has the capacity to influence these changes. How can adopting a learner mindset help us respond to constant change? Learning and design sit at the core of this study — therefore it’s relevant to simultaneously look at learning theory, established pedagogical practices and conjunction with my own design oriented methodology. Through a cross-pollination of methodologies the research seeks to generate its own nuanced method for facilitating reciprocal learning. The research topic stems from my current practice which has been shaped by my experience and ignorance. The research seeks to transform my tacit ways of practicing, to theories that can be shared or adapted to design pedagogy more broadly and to professional practice. To share this method with any confidence the research needs to uncover the blinds spots and biases of this practice, discover its strengths/weaknesses and establish what it affords. The research methodology that emerges seeks authenticity, so clarifying the onto-epistemo-methodological is vital. A crude way of saying this would be the approach is about embracing simplicity and complexity warts and all.

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